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About A. Oren Asphalt Development Ltd

A. Oren Asphalt Development Ltd is a family company which started in 1979.


Since 1991, the company specializes in asphalt paving, and now uses the  best technology in road construction and asphalt paving equipment for roads, parking lots, sports fields and runways.


The company has two cold milling machines; one with a scrubbing capability of thousands of meters of asphalt a day, and a smaller one, that can scrub asphalt in dense terrain.


The offices are located in the “Har Tov A” industrial area (Ganir building).


The company owns a heavy equipment garage, designed for technical maintenance and upkeep. The company owns equipment for the transportation of heavy equipment and tools, as well as an asphalt creation plant.


The company provides supplemental equipment for asphalt works such as: spraying tar, mechanical brooms, road painting, sports fields and more.


The company has 3 paving teams that have authorization of the Israel Roads authority, as well as being official contractors for the Tel Aviv municipality. Work sites are managed by qualified foremen, and under the supervision of the company’s engineer, Yuval Oren.


The company has 40 qualified employees on a regular basis including corporate executives.


The company has an ISO recognition from the Technion, as well as qualification to work on governmental projects, after completing various asphalt works for the Ministry of Defense over the last 10 years, including the renovation of several Air Force bases’ runways.


Our customers are always satisfied. We have worked with municipalities, local councils, the JNF, and contractors who benefit from our services for many years.


We will be happy to assist you at any time,


A. Oren Development and Asphalt Ltd

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Phone : 02-9916688
Phone : 02-9916688

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